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Peter Sbaraglia, Dentist in Ontario, Canada

Peter Sbaraglia's Bio:

Dr. Peter Sbaraglia is an Ontario-based dentist who maintains a practice limited to dentistry with anesthesia and sedation.   Peter Sbaraglia earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from the University of Toronto in 1986. Four years later, in 1990, he graduated from the University of Toronto’s Doctor of Dental Surgery program.   After graduating from the University of Toronto, Peter established and facilitated a summer camp for children and families living in northern Ontario. While working in the remote area, Peter also participated in a dentistry service for native communities. The program, which utilized a mobile dental health bus, visited a variety of communities to offer dental care. During this time, Peter also visited nursing and retirement homes to provide oral cancer screenings and dental repairs.   Following his work in northern Ontario, Dr. Peter Sbaraglia returned to Toronto to continue his educational training at his alma mater, the University of Toronto. In 1997, Peter successfully completed a dental anesthesia residency at the university. Concurrent with his graduate studies, Peter tutored local graduates in local anesthesia and emergency office procedures.   A natural educator, Peter took a position to teach part-time in the Anesthesia Department at the University of Toronto from 1997 to 1998. While there, Peter was popular with the students and was voted Outstanding Teacher two years consecutively.    Dr. Peter Sbaraglia maintains a dental practice in Ontario limited to dentistry with sedation and anesthesia.

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